Re: prediction program

Tue, 23 Jul 1996 23:40:47 -0400 (EDT)

> I am using a program which I really enjoy and find useful - but it has a
> minor bug in it.

I enjoyed this program too.  It's the first one I used to make my own 
predictions.   I got it after subscribing to the printed outputs.

> The program is called  Mr. Orbit, which I believe is a commercial program
> several  years ago. The version I use is 3.00. It is entirely  text based,
> allows one to predict all  passes, only passes  visible in morning and
> evening, or only   passes visible in the evening.
> It also has an option of a detailed report  of a single pass ...   every  10
> seconds, I think.
> It gives the closest approach -azimuth, altitude, direction going, distance.
> It  has a field for magnitude, but it always read 9.9.

If you enter KSAT to the element files, it will print the actual 
predicted magnitude.

> You can send the output to the screen, printer or a file. > 
> Another option, is to see exactly where a satellite is at any time. This
> includes the latitude and longitude and a lot of other information.
> The bug is that when you get predictions for several days, the list repeats
> Wednesday and Friday (it goes Mo Tu We We Fr Fr  Su). Thje day of the month
> is correct, though.

I don't remember seeing that problem.

> Has anyone else heard of this program? Any later versions? I have a po box
> address in Florida, but not the author's name.

3.0 was the last public release.  Author Steve Woods made a version for 
me that included RA and DEC in the output.

It is handy for some of the special features you mention.
For regular predictions, QUICKSAT is similar, with extra features.

Jay Respler
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