Re: Classified Satellites list ?
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 12:47:56 +0100

My apologies for re-posting my 'Satellite Situation' message  =20
So many messages were posted on that day, and after, that I missed it  =20
when browsing.
But I couldn't find the following one (I hope Bart,
Neil, and Josh got their copies with attachment) :
I have extracted (and merged) lines from NASA OIG June-96 SatSit report,
that contain the word ELEMENTS.

Although not explicitly defined, "ELEMENTS NOT AVAILABLE" appears
to contain what we usually call "classified" :

ELEMENTS NOT AVAILABLE  Object was launched from Earth and elements are  =20
NO INITIAL ELEMENTS     Object was launched from Earth but was not in  =20
                        long enough to establish elements before it  =20
                        into the Earth's atmosphere.
NO CURRENT ELEMENTS     Object was launched from Earth and current  =20
                        are not available.

The SSR06A*.txt files contain data for orbiting objects in files  =20
The SSR06C*.txt files contain data for decayed  objects in files  =20

SSR06?EA.txt files contain objects have the text "ELEMENTS NOT AVAILABLE"
SSR06?IE.txt files contain objects have the text "NO INITIAL ELEMENTS"
SSR06?CE.txt files contain objects have the text "NO CURRENT ELEMENTS"

SSR06    TXT         2 117  96-07-19  12.09 SSR06.TXT
SSR06ACE TXT           131  96-07-19  11.13 SSR06ACE.TXT
SSR06AEA TXT        25 137  96-07-19  11.20 SSR06AEA.TXT
SSR06AIE TXT         1 560  96-07-19  11.10 SSR06AIE.TXT
SSR06CEA TXT         1 961  96-07-19  11.24 SSR06CEA.TXT
SSR06CIE TXT        10 149  96-07-19  11.06 SSR06CIE.TXT
SSR06CLS ZIP        11 405  96-07-19  12.09 SSR06CLS.ZIP

They are combined into a zip file  SSR06CLS.TXT, which I have mailed to
Bart de Pontieu and Neil Clifford, for possible inclusion into
the SeeSat-L Archive, and the Oxford VSO ftp directory.

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