Photographing geosynch satellites

Geoff Chester (
Wed, 24 Jul 96 09:03:59 EDT

This would be a task well suited to medium/large aperture "Dobsonian" tele-
scopes.  Since many of these 'scopes are photographically quite "fast" (my
14.5-inch is f/4.5) an exposure at the prime focus would be relatively
short and record stellar sources (such as geosats) quite quickly. It is
now possible to fit these 'scopes with digital setting circles, so if you know
a target sat's position at a specific time you can index over to it, then
leave the scope alone while you take a pictture.  You'll get trailed stars
but a (hopefully) bright pinpoint image of the satellite.  Hmm...sounds like
a good project for my next observing session!


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