my TiPS baptism

Darwin Teague (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 06:05:51 -0500

Last night I  had my chance to see TiPS for the first time. It was due at
21:29, (0229 UTC)at 247 AZ and 33 EL. (I'm in central Indiana 40N,85.6W)I
rolled the roof off of my  observatory at about 2100 and noticed clouds
rolling in.  I set my mount up for the location of closest approach. As I
swept my 8 x 50 finder scope along the path it would take, I  noticed that
the moon was in the field of the scope as I scanned past it. This could get
interesting. There was a break in the clouds, I decided that things may work
out all right.

As I watched for it, another sat came into view, but it was going the wrong
direction. Right after that, I SAW TiPS!! It was a bright line, the
strangest thing I've seen in a long time. It was a bit east of the predicted
spot, I'd guess a couple of degrees.....

As I followed it, I could not see either satellite, just the tether. I
thought I got a glimpse of the trailing one as it passes above (east of) the

When it got further to the south, I saw a couple of   flashes from the
trailing one, then it was lost in the trees.

I couldn't get the roof back on without disturbing the mount unless I took
the scope off, so that's what I did. I'll check and see what the elevation
was ASAP. I have one more shot at it this month, tomorrow (Thursday) at
2100. The location and path is exactly the same (The reason I  didn't want
to disturb the mount settings).I hope it isn't cloudy.

Now that I've seen it, what was it? How long is the tether? Does it have a
catalog number?
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