Re: EGP, its perceptibility

Thu, 25 Jul 1996 01:29:08 -0400 (EDT)

> When you and Jay suggest that short duration flashes might be less 
> perceptible (than equal energy longer flashes, I guess), my initial, 
> strong impresion is to regard that as nonsense.  It's totally at odds with 
> my experience.  But you and Jay are careful, faithful observers, so that 
> creates some dissonance. 

I don't take credit for those comments, Walter.  It was in a report I 
read some time ago.  I didn't know discussion about it would come up, so 
I didn't bother to save it.

> But, do you suppose that some eyes are more sensitive than others to short 
> flashes? 

I would certainly think you may be more sensitive than others.

> I have long found strobe lights annoying. 
Me too.

Jay Respler
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