Re: Photographing geosynch satellites

Lew Gramer (
Thu, 25 Jul 96 15:13:45 -0400

Geoff Chester <> wrote:
>This would be a task well suited to medium/large aperture "Dobsonian"

Thanks for posting this, Geoff. This is the first photographic use I've found 
for my 12.5" Dob! :) (Sad to say, a Poncet platform isn't within my budget or my 
abilities to build at the moment, not to mention a rotation corrector...)

Now I have to admit that until your message, I had ignored the ongoing threads 
on geosyncs: are photos of them scientifically useful for the same reasons 
satellite position and flash measurements are? How does such photographic data 
get reduced, and by whom? Just asking, before I run out and buy a T-Ring. :)

Lew Gramer