Question: r/e Orbital math (SGP4/SDP4?)

Kerry L. Bonin (
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 00:18:50 -0700

At 11:41 AM 7/25/96 -0800, Rob Matson wrote:
>Alternatively, I wrote a program which can plot the ground transit track of a
>given satellite against a map of the U.S. (or wherever).  That way, I can
>determine which cities are close to the transit centerline of a large object
>like Mir.  Wouldn't a silouette of Mir against the solar disk make an awesome
>cover shot for Sky & Telescope?  --Rob

Preface: I apologize if this is slightly off topic, but it seemed at least
in context for the group.

I have a question for Mr. Matson, as well anyone else in the group who could
provide information.

I am a sr. software engineer with a good deal of GUI and 3D experience
(write 3d video games for a living...), and I have been wanting to write a
good satellite package for quite some time.  (Yes, I know there are lots out
there!)  I am interested in putting together a Win32 ap, with the focus on
visual presenation.

The question is in regards to orbital propogation math?  I have a copy of
the "Spacetrack report No. 3", and the SatTrack 3.1 source.  It seems from
the comments I have seen that the elements normally exchanged are supposed
to be used with the SGP4/SDP4.  I also have the GMT databases for
terrestrial features.

So, the question: Any comments or recommendations?

Yes, this is an open question, but at this point I am wide open to suggestions.

Thank you all in advance for any suggestions or comments...

Kerry L. Bonin

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