Re: Top 10, Top 20, Top 100 .....

Bjoern (")
Fri, 26 Jul 1996 11:11:30 +0200

Jay Respler wrote :
> TS provides many different lists.  This takes a lot of his time and I
> wouldn't want to impose on him by asking for even more lists that
> essentially duplicate what is already available.  We can't just make a
> new list for every observer's individual desires.
> However, I do have a suggestion for all those who  want a list of just
> certain objects.  Make up your master list.  Get any of the larger lists
> that contain your objects.   Use Kelso's Passupdate to quickly update
> your smaller list.  This way everyone can have a small personal list of
> favorite objects always up to date.

I definitely agree with that ! For some time now, I've felt the urge to
voice a different opinion in this debate. It also relates to my comments
on prediction programs : We need a way to distribute updates to
lists, like Satmag.dat for SkyMap, and QuickSat.Mag, and improved user
interface programs to maintain these files and a personal master TLE
Also, improved user interfaces to prediction programs that can use

This way, only two or three sizes of files need to be available, e.g.
visual.tle / cs9ymmdd.Z / el9ymmdd.Z (or ?). 
There is no need to incorporate the object selection mechanisms into
elset generation, when prediction programs can do the selection based
on magnitudes and other information ! Separate elset maintenance
programs that can extract subset of TLE files exist; they should
also be enhanced or complemented to make use of a .mag/.dat file.

The quicksat.mag format is excellent, since it also includes a flag
character, which can be used to define classes of interesting objects.
This way, users can request predictions for faint classified, or
otherwise interesting, satellites, without getting lots of stable,
uninteresting objects predicted. I have used it to mark low-inclination
objects also, and when travelling to southern Europe, I can produce
predictions only for objects that I can't see from my normal latitude.


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