EGP, New Address, Australian Observers

Ian Porter (
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 19:01:06 +1000

Hello all from OZ....

I have just moved from the frigid mountains of southeastern Australia to the
wet coast of southeastern Australia on the Mornington peninsula south of
Melbourne. Fourty days and Fourty nights of rain best describes the weather
down here.....

Re: EGP, Details of some obs last month from Tumbarumba -

Observed on 20,21,22 June at 08:23, 09:30, 08:38 UTC respectivly

Az 352 Elv 25 degrees . Local Sunset at 298 degrees AZ. N-S High culmination

The object was very clear at low elevation but dimmed somewhat as it moved
to about 35-40 degree elevation. The flashes were quite clear through 7X50
Binos but not Visible naked eye. The flashes were at the highest frequency
at low elevation and slowed down as it rose (or I might have started to miss
the dimmer ones). I find the fact that the object was brightest at such a
large Sun-Sat-Location angle interesting.
It might be interesting to see if this behaviour is predicted by the formula
given in recent postings on Seesat for EGP's Magnitude (Not that I'm asking
anyone to do it particulary, I might have a go at it if I get the time).

Re: Australian Observers
 Are there any other Seesat members "Lurking" in Victoria ? 
And -  am I the most southerly observer ? Speak up Kiwis, Tasmanians or
South Americans !!
Ian & Shari Porter
Rye, Victoria, Australia
144.8070W 38.3745S 5m AMSL