UNIX satellite tracking programs

Joe A. Dellinger (jdellinger@amoco.com)
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 20:31:53 -0500

	Why is it that all the amateur satellite tracking programs are all
DOS/Windows based? (Is there a "zip" unpacker for UNIX? I don't know of one.)
Years ago I saw a C source for "seesat" go by, and hacked it (very very
slightly) so it would run under UNIX. That ancient version is available
in the directory ftp://sepftp.stanford.edu/pub/astronomy/SEESAT, if anyone's
interested. If there is any newer UNIX/C satellite tracking program I'd be
interested in hearing about it. Also in that directory is included the kluge
wrapper script I wrote that enabled people to automatically get customized
predictions for SEDS-2 passes via e-mail, back in March-April 1994.

	If anyone needs a place to put UNIX astronomical stuff on ftp,
I can place it on sepftp.stanford.edu (if it's not too big).