RE: USA 31 orbit?

Ted Molczan (
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 23:30:57 -0400

Allen Thomson asked:

> Is there any information available on the orbit, particularly 
>the inclination (high or low), of the USA 31/1988-077 Titan 34D 
>payload launched from Cape Canaveral on 2 September 1988? 

According to the 1957-1989 RAE Table of 
Satellites, 88077A's initial orbit was 29.3 deg, 
and 151 km x 14103 km. Also catalogued was
88077B, which RAE listed as the Titan 34 D rocket, 
(presumably the 2nd stage) and 88077C, which they 
speculated was a transtage.

It seems reasonable to assume that the final
orbit of the payload was GEO.

Jonathan McDowell's compilation of orbital
data submitted to the U.N. provides the same
first orbit as the RAE Table, so apparently
RAE used the U.N. data.

Ted Molczan