Re: FW: UNIX satellite tracking programs

David Bishop (
Mon, 29 Jul 96 15:02:13 EDT

> Why is it that all the amateur satellite tracking programs are all
> DOS/Windows based? (Is there a "zip" unpacker for UNIX? I don't know of 

I use "unzip" 5.2 (  That
and a copy of "mtools" (Read/Write DOS disk on UNIX workstations)
and I can port files back and forth the my PC at home.

I typically download elements at work, put them on a PC floppy and run
them on Quicksat on my PC at home.  One thing that I need is a good
satellite elements digester, something that can read e-mail messages,
pull out elements, sort them, and put them into a file.

The local astronomy club's BBS, "RAIN", is automatically running quicksat
every night for the Rochester NY area (USA 716-442-6293 8N1 14.4).  I
also store the latest versions of Quicksat and my latest elements set
there.  Had a "satellite finding contest" star party last month, great
way to get people interested.

                            David Bishop

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