FW: FW: UNIX satellite tracking programs

Stephen Thompson (SThompson@esiusa.com)
Mon, 29 Jul 96 15:49:00 PDT

David Bishop wrote

>One thing that I need is a good
>satellite elements digester, something that can read e-mail messages,
>pull out elements, sort them, and put them into a file.

Try TLEMOP.  It can find TLEs in text files, fix the checksums and write 
them out where you can get them with your predictor.  It can handle a large 
number of elements, (I currently have almost 10,000 in my MASTER.TLE file) 
and it can freshen a short, sweet list from a master file without adding 
unwanted elements.  Among many other advantages, TLEMOP is FAST.

According to the author, Kulbinder Kalirai, TLEMOP1V.ZIP is at
2. ftp://ftp.physics.ox.ac.uk/pub/incoming/sat
3. archive.afit.af.mil

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