Re: UNIX/C satellite programs

Lew Gramer (
Mon, 29 Jul 96 15:58:46 -0400

Joe Dellinger <> posted:

Thanks for the URL, Joe! I'll download it and try it out. By the way, there IS a 
very nice sky-charting and ephmeris package called "xephem", freeware, which 
includes tools for convering TLEs into its database format. It will display sats 
on a (very well-done, HGSC-enhanced!) sky image, show tracks for their movement, 
and even produce detailed almanac-style ephemerides for them. It's available at:

The only drawback is that it doesn't seem to handle brightness models yet. (All 
sats are shown as 2nd mag! :<) I'm currently in contact with both Ted Molczan 
and with the author of xephem (the very responsive EC Downey), trying to get 
xephem to munge Ted's TLE format for brightnesses. Maybe you'd like to contact 
EC, too, Joe for possible collaboration? He's at:

Clear skies!