Sorting satellite elements

David Bishop (
Tue, 30 Jul 96 10:57:34 EDT

>  One thing that I need is a good
> satellite elements digester, something that can read e-mail messages,
> pull out elements, sort them, and put them into a file.

Let me clarify what I am looking for:

1)  Read a free formatted file with elements in it, and pars them out

2)  Save only the most current elements to a file with JUST elements in it.

3)  Disregard elements which are over X months old

4)  Sort the elements in the output file by NORAD #

5)  Recognize Ted Molczan's element files, keeps the identifier line
    from that whenever possible

6)  Check QUICKSAT.MAG, if there is no entry for it, and there is one in
     Teds file,  add it.

7)  Fix any checksum errors it finds.

I already started on a program to do this, which does the first 5, but
I need to write a routine to read and write QUICKSAT.MAG.

If anybody has something better I am all ears.

                            David Bishop

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