BWGS Observing Program (July 96)

Bart De Pontieu (BDP@MPEPL)
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 21:55:36 +0100 (CET)

Observing Program of the BWGS

The Belgian Working Group Satellites has been active in collecting flash
period measurements since 1987. Our priority list contains over 200

New in the E-mail archive : Overview of BWGS program (including recent 
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to the same address, to get accompanying notes by Kurt Jonckheere (Satorama).
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to the same address for the first update to PPAS 6, which contains all 
new PPAS-observations.

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Our program can also be found on the World Wide Web at this URL:

Priority codes :

b       flashing object for beginners
d       difficult to measure
S       steady object, potentially flashing in the future
?       flash period is unknown or uncertain
-       long flash period (>40 s)
!       top-priority object
	regular object
x       additional code for DRA project 

Changes in this month's program :

65-  8 A       1001/Transtage 3,Titan 3A: no acceleration anymore
79- 30 B b     11327/C1 Kosmos 1092: going up
82- 40 J bx    13168/C1 Kosmos 1357-1364: to be observed again
85- 55 B d     15874/Centaur Intelsat 5A-F11: GTO; flashing confirmed by BD
86- 19 B ?     16614/Viking 1: more observations needed
87- 27 B b     17590/C1 Kosmos 1833 : has accelerated and is going up again     
90-111 B       21015/C1 Kosmos 2112: period going up again ?
92-  8 B x     21876/C1 Kosmos 2180: going up 
96- 24 B       23852/MSX r; NEW, to be checked
96- 25 B       23854/C 2332 r; flashing according to JEV
96- 29 A       NEW, NOSS 2-3
96- 29 B       NEW, NOSS 2-3 rocket
96- 29 C       NOSS 2-3 Triad
96- 31 B       NEW, MSTI-3 rocket
96- 38 A       NEW, Titan 4 (classified payload) flashing    
96- 38 B       NEW, Titan 4 (perigee kick motor) flashing

Observers of June 1996

BD:    Bram Dorreman, Achel, Belgium
JEV:   Jim Varney, Sacramento, California, USA 
KD:    Kurt Dequick, Bredende, Belgium
KJ:    Kurt Jonckheere, Oostende, Belgium      
LB:    Leo Barhorst, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
PS:    Patrick Schmeer, Saarbruecken-Bischmisheim, Germany
RE:    Russell Eberst, Edinburgh, Scotland
TC:    Tristan Cools, Brugge, Belgium
WPK:   Willie Koorts, Wellington, South Africa

Total number of observations: 263.
Next deadline for sending in observations: August 17, 1996. 
Please send observations to
If you send your observations to Seesat-L, please also send them to  This is just a CC: for you, but it makes live
much easier for me (KJ).
    Kurt Jonckheere (
  & Bart De Pontieu

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