observations requested

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.freenet.edu)
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 20:08:39 -0400 (EDT)

1 25320U 98026B   98201.19093201 +.00000748 +00000-0 +26012-3 0 00783 
2 25320 086.3983 261.5144 0001512 029.2263 330.9010 14.34219868011348 
is tumbling it will be visible over a much larger area than just Northern 
Virginia, and at times other than when it might glint synodically.  If 
illuminated over you, you might check it out. 
Walter Nissen                   dk058@cleveland.freenet.edu 
-81.8637, 41.3735, 256m elevation 
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> Date: Tue Jul 21 17:14:29 1998 
> From: guerber@boomerang.gsfc.nasa.gov (Jeff Guerber) 
> Subject: Iridium Flare Observers Needed Tonight (fwd) 
> To: <<< extremely long distribution list deleted >>> 
> Cc: Mike_Mackowski-SC1426@email.mot.com 
> Hi everyone, 
>     I received the following from Mike Mackowski, of the Iridium 
> project.  They've lost contact with SV071 and would very much like 
> visual observations from our area to get a handle on its attitude. 
>     I got predictions from the DLR web page for Alexandria, 
> Winchester, and College Park (they were in its location database), and 
> for each it said the flare should be visible around 11:36-11:37 at an 
> altitude of about 20 degrees and an azimuth of 241 degrees.  Even in 
> Winchester and College Park (about equally on either side of the 
> flare's center line) the peak magnitude is about -3. 
>     I'm sending this to the Goddard Astronomy Club and to various 
> other people from NCA, NOVAC, the Greenbelt Astro Club, etc. for whom 
> I have email addresses.  Please forward it to anyone else who may be 
> interested.  Thank you, 
>                                              Jeff Guerber 
>                                              Goddard Astronomy Club 
>                                              jeff.guerber@gsfc.nasa.gov 
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> Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 13:29:36 -0700 
> From: Mike Mackowski <Mike_Mackowski-SC1426@email.mot.com> 
> To: jeff.guerber@gsfc.nasa.gov 
> Subject: Iridium Flare Observers Needed Tonight 
> Hi, 
> I'm a former member of the GSFC Astronomy Club who is now working with 
> Motorola (in Chandler, Arizona) on their Iridium program.  We have a 
> problem with one of our satellites (designated SV071) and need your 
> help. 
> This satellite is scheduled to "flare" tonight (Tuesday, July 21) at 
> about 11:36 pm EDT. We'd like observers in the Northern Virginia area , 
> where the flare will be brightest, to relay their observations back to 
> us.  It should peak at about magnitude -5.  From Leasburg, it will be 
> low in the southwest. Punch up 
>  http://www.gsoc.dlr.de/satvis/ 
> to get details on where to look. Have your lat and long available.  We 
> are looking for info that would tell about the attitude of the 
> satellite. If there is no flare at all, it might suggest the satellite 
> is pointing way off and the reflective antennas won't produce a flare. 
> If it pulses, the rate of the variations would tell us how much it is 
> tumbling. 
> Please send any observations back to me at this e-mail, or call in the
> morning at 602-732-3064.
> Thanks,
> Mike Mackowski