Fw: Luch mystery, not a mystery.

C.M. vd Berg (cmvdberg@wxs.nl)
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 15:47:23 +0200

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Van: C.M. vd Berg <cmvdberg@wxs.nl>
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Datum: woensdag 21 juli 1999 15:39
Onderwerp: Re: Luch mystery, not a mystery.

> Please relay to John Locker.
>Hello John Locker!
>You wrote about the Luch (Altair 2) mystery.
>(See below)
>Very regrettable that you do not read my MIRNEWS-es.
>In August 1998 I extensively reported about the failure of the Luch
>(Altair-2),  23426U 94.082A, standing over 16 dgs West. On 13.08.98, so a
>few days before the arrival of the Soyuz-TM28 with Padalka and Avdeyev  and
>Baturin (26th Main Expedition to MIR), the crew of the 25th Main Expedition
>(Musabeyev and Budarin) tried to relay data of the experiment Relaxation to
>Earth via the Altair-2. During that communication there was a failure.  The
>servo motor of the antenne on board Altair-2 to aim the main antenna to
>Earth failed and it was obvious that Altair-2 was fully lost.
>From that moment on I did not receive no transmissions on 10.830 Ghz at
>During the returnflight of the crew of the 25th Main expedition on 25.08.99
>it was obvious that during that operation a geostationary satellite was
>used, but not one within my range.  From my sources in Moscow I learned
>they had used the Luch-1 (or: Gelios) 23680 95054A standing over 77 dgs
>East.  For a long time MIR and TsUP could use that facility, but on 6.4.99
>there was a failure (too high temperature and a leakage in one of the
>of the satelllite) and on 12.04.99 was reported (which I did in my
>MIRNEWS.459 of 13.04.1999). So at the moment there is no geostationary
>sat for MIR operations available.
>But there is hope: on 5.04.1999 I was on a meeting in the RKA in Moscow and
>asked if there were plans to launch a Luch for future operations with the
>Russian segment of the ISS.   (I asked this for I had information that on
>board of the Russian service module the same kind of equipment for relay
>a Luch would be installed. This equipment, Lira was identical to that on
>board MIR - called Antares).
>The answer was: YES. Towards the end of 1999 or in the beginning of 2000
>such a geostationary satellite will be launched and will be placed over 16
>dgs West.
>So, John,  that is my news: if you have questions -or info that is new for
>me-  please mail me!
>Sinderely,  and 73-s.
>Chris van den Berg, NL9165/A-UK3202
>So you wrote:
> Subject:
>:Luch (Altair 2 ) mystery
> >
>>With the all important supply launch to Mir due to lift within the hour I
>>thought I would check out comms via the Luch satellite at 16 west.....not
>>hint of carrier there ,  checking the latest elements Luch (Altair-2) cat
>>no 23426 is now located at 37.5 degs west!
>>Anyone any idea what is going on?
>>I must admit it's some time since I last saw video activity from 16 west
>>,(10830 mhz) and hadn't realised the bird had moved .
>>The question is , has a new Cosmos comms sat been moved into position for
>>Mir relays , or has the Luch bird simply been put out to graze?