New Member With His FreeWare Satellite Tracking Program

From: Serge Kourdakov (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 21:28:55 PDT

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    My name is Sergey Kourdakov.
    I'm software programmer and former space engineer from Russia.
    I live in Zelenograd (HO15jx) - several kilometers away from Moscow.
    I 'm developing a freeware satellite tracking program for visual observers
    OrbSat which I intend
    to develop  until it becomes one of the best satellite tracking program. So
    it'll take a long time :) and we will meet again.
    OrbSat is a Windows software program which utlizes DirectX7.0.
    You could have a look at the program here
    the direct link to zipped program with data (tle files) is
    (You need DirectX7.0 being installed on your computer to run OrbSat!!!)
    The program is in Alpha version now. Though it is quite stable. Rather it
    lacks features.
    But I'm full of hope to make it much better.
    Note. I'm a good programmer and engineer. But I'm poor visual observer. So I
    need your advices to improve the program.
    Good Buy and
    See you soon.
    Sergey (Serge) Kourdakov
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