Re: Decay watch: 2000 Jul 3

Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 20:02:38 PDT

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    > #21025 = 90-112 F = Raduga 26 aux motor
    > As Harro Zimmer has reported, there are several reports from California
    > which indicate that this object was observed as a slow-moving
    > fragmenting fireball as it re-entered near the beginning of its pass
    > across the USA at Jul 2 05:20 UTC. This is about midway between the
    > estimates made by SpaceCom and myself, and well within the
    > uncertainties.
    >        __________________________________________________
    Here's another report that was sent to my SKY VIEWS web site:
    Subject: lastnight's sky show in California
       Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 01:38:47 -0700 (PDT)
       From:  Dave Ledger <>
    Dear Jay:
    Hello!  I love your website and my son and I use it alot for Father-Son
    skywatching.  I ven recommended it to his
    3d grade class during their astronomy unit last month.  What I am interested to
    know is whether you have heard
    or know anything about something my son and I saw last night in the night sky
    over the San Joaquin Valley in
    California.  We were driving home from Ventura and were on highway 65 about 20
    miles north of Bakersfield. 
    My son yelled, "ooh look, a shooting star!"  I of course looked but expected it
    to be long gone .  I was suprised
    to see that it continued across the sky right over head and seemed to be
    sparkling and glowing orange.  We
    watched it travel overhead for about 5 seconds then we pulled the car over to
    the side of the road and stood
    there for at least another 10 seconds while this object faded from view.  I
    suspect it was a meteorite or a meteor
    bouncing off the earth's atmosphere like a rock skips across the water?  It was
    beautiful whatever it was. We
    have seen rockets from Vandenberg AFB and it was not like anything I'd ever seen
    from there before...It also
    seems that if it were an aircraft in distress it would have crashed or landed or
    lost altitude in the time that
    Jay Respler
       Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
               Freehold, New Jersey
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