Who was the decayer over SW -Australia ?

From: Harro.Zimmer (Harro.Zimmer@t-online.de)
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 13:29:57 PDT

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    As Alan mentioned in his "Decay watch 2000 July 3" there were two reports from
    Western Australia with a possible decay observation from Collie, a city south
    of Perth on July 1, around 15:25 - 15:26 UTC. A candidate was 00-035B (#26391)
    the Proton rocket. SpaceCom's FINAL REPORT shows the decay on
                        1 July, 15:10 UTC +/- 02 hours (64.2S, 32.7E)
    The last two ELSETs shows this pass data for Collie
             00183.35403958    15:22:06.9 UTC   297.577 AZ   74.497 EL
             00183.46476004    15:21:49.2 UTC   297.624  AZ   75.786 EL
    But also the Platform 00-035C (#26392) looks like a candidate. SpaceCom
    predicted in its FINAL REPORT the decay on
                       1 July, 14:41 UTC +/- 04 hours (31.4N, 307.9E)
    The last two ELSETs shows for Collie
             00183.34349964    15:22:02.3 UTC   297.594 AZ   74.840 EL
             00183.35352580    15:23:05.9 UTC   297.413 AZ   68.612 EL
    The coincidence of these data sets confirms Alan's and my own assumption
    that the last (three) ELSETs released for the PLATFORM are  for the rocket !!!
    SpaceCom in trouble....?
    A more detailed reentry analysis is in progress.
    Berlin, Germany
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