Re: Decay Sighting in Northern Queensland #2

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 10:24:08 PDT

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    Tony Beresford (thank you) delivered the position of Millaa Millaa, the observing 
    site in Northern Queensland, Australia. We have now a very interesting situation.
    At the time of the event, July 1, around 08:10 UTC, the OV2-1/LCS 2 DEBRIS
    was indeed over this area.
    Based on the last ELSET 00183.040.... the object raised at 08:14.25 UTC
    (275°AZ) with a maximum elevation of 06.3° at 08:17:25 UTC (328°AZ) and
    touched the horizon at 08:20:09  UTC (14.8° AZ).
    The last ELSET may be not too much reliable, but also the preceding ELSET
    182.0519... suggested a low - and possible reentry track around this time, 
    visible from Millaa Millaa....
    Coincidence by chance ?
    Berlin, Germany
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