Re: Defining Geostationary Sats + OFEQ 3 + TiPS

Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 06:03:01 PDT

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    > Hope this isn't off topic. I want to set a filter in my software to sort
    >  out Geostationary satellites from a TLE file. What would be a quick and
    >  dirty definition such as "if altitude is greater than ??? and within?.??
    >  degrees of 0 latitude"?
    I would set the perigee at 30,000 km minimum.
    OFEQ 3
    I finally was able to get a good obs of OFEQ 3 (23549, 95018A) with my 6" dob 
    at 2:03 UTC, 7 July.  There did not appear to be any tumbling although I 
    observed one brief, but nondescript (i.e., non-spectacular) flash.  Its 
    brightness was steady at about a +5.5 mag (binoculars would have sufficed) 
    and crossed the SE at a max altitude of about 47 deg above the horizon.   At 
    the max elevation it was traveling at more than 1 deg azimuth per second.
    I acquired TiPS as it was descending near gamma Draco (55az, 60el) at 01:40 
    UTC.  What was unusual was that it seemed to be traveling, for the most part, 
    end-first.  IOW on all of my other obs of TiPS the tether was perpendicular 
    to the direction of travel - which makes sense for a tether survivability 
    experiment.  On last evening pass the tether was nearly parallel with the 
    direction of travel.
    Don Gardner  39.1799 N, 76.8406 W, 100m ASL
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