Launch; Orion 3 etc.

From: Mark Hanning-Lee (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 19:15:22 PDT

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    Yes, it was a good view from Tustin Orange County CA.
    Brightening rocket exhaust; at one point a shell of greater brightness
    expanded moving through the rest of the launch cloud. The cloud faded
    out leaving a roughly cylindrical shape of a lovely blue along the axis.
    Blue color slowly deepened & faded.
    Thanks to Rob for prompting me to look at Orion 3! Short flashes to
    negative magnitude! Interval between 2 flashes was 22.0 s; I didn't time
    a series. Its predicted magnitude on this pass was 4.2; that's bright
    enough for Heavens-Above to predict ..., so that really helps predict
    its passes. Well worth looking at.
    Also saw 22285 SL-16 R/B, 25407 SL-16 R/B, 25860 Okean-O and flare from
    Best, Mark
    lat 33.729 long -117.822 altitude est. 34 m
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