Request comments on IRS P2

From: Judy May (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 19:33:22 PDT

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    I just returned from a camping trip.  We were trying to observe a
    pass of Cosmos 2237 Rk, when several of us witnessed a very brilliant,
    instantaneous flash near the zenith.  With further observation, we saw
    more, dimmer flashes as the unknown satellite headed north.  (The zenith
    time was close to 23:16:00 EDT.  40.39693 N  83.06356 W  elevation 950
        I believe what I saw was satellite IRS P2 (23323  94068A).  Has
    anyone observed spectacular flashes from this satellite before?  Is a
    visual appearance of this sort indicative of out-of-control tumbling, or
    might there be another explanation?
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