Obs 7/8-7/9; comet

From: Mark A. Hanning-Lee (markhl@prodigy.net)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 11:08:12 PDT

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    I went to Big Bear City, CA, to see Comet 1999 S4 (LINEAR) which looked
    good in the morning sky. Could see it in 7x50 binoculars, and it had a
    well-defined 30' tail looking like a comet "should" look! See
    www.skypub.com for finder charts & more info.
    My observing sessions were short, and I was mainly looking at Uranus /
    Neptune / Vesta (evening with a bright moon) or the comet (morning). All
    these dates are local.
    In the evening of Saturday 7/8 I saw 23405 Cosmos 2297 r.
    In the morning of Sunday 7/9 I saw 23954 GPS 2-26 r1 & 03598 OAO 2 r.
    Iridium 55 was meant to flare to mag -1 but I didn't see it.
    In the evening of Sunday 7/9 I didn't have printed predictions and just
    watched the sky. Saw 25310 Globalstar 6 r, 22285 Cosmos 2227 r, & Cosmos
    2360 r on a southbound pass, reached mag 2 shortly before eclipse
    Best, Mark
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