noss 2-2 15 july

From: Paul Gabriel (
Date: Sat Jul 15 2000 - 19:53:27 PDT

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    the noss 2-2 trio appeared right on time for me tonight at 21:21:02 CDT(z-5) at 051.6az +34.3el in the binoc fov (~1.2deg below 18 Cyg)(an inconvenient tree blocks my NNE view at lower els) and I followed them into shadow at 21:27:10 (for the last fade of the trio).  seemed brighter than the predicted +7.0 to +6.8 mag range, but I could not pick them out 1x in the nearly fullmoonlight.  I remain unclear how I missed them last night fri in a clear sky when I had also easily spotted them on thu.  one of life's mysteries.  will look again when they fly by on the west side around 23:05. 
    Paul Gabriel
    26.24310N -98.21635W 33m
    titan / win95C / Calypso
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