RE: USA 86 lost?

From: Paul Gabriel (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 10:19:02 PDT

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    I can take a look next pass, usa 86 22251, I have 144.08 epoch tle.  looks like I have a 262az 35el pass at 21:34 CDT(z-5) 16 july.
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    On 07/16/00 at 12:21 Ted Molczan wrote:
    >In response to Igor Lissov's question, for the majority of observers who make
    >positional observations, the object is poorly placed for observations. About
    >one week ago, I made an effort to recover it in bright twilight, to no avail.
    >It would have been a minor miracle had I seen it. It will be several weeks
    >before I have a realistic hope of recovering it.
    >Observers at more southerly latitudes, say 30 deg N, have somewhat better
    >illumination, and so may be able to recover it now.
    >Ted Molczan
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    Paul Gabriel
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