ISS/Zvezda/Titan rocket observations

Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 05:28:23 PDT

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    The USA 149 Titan rocket (26357) was observed here at 0207UT July 18 and at
    0205 UT on July 19. Both passes were easily visible as it reached +0 with
    maxima occurring every 1.04 seconds; minimum magnitude estimated at about
    This morning, July 19, from the NASA Johnson Space Center, both ISS and the
    Zvezda module were observed 30 minutes apart. Zvezda (26400) at 1020 UT
    reached magnitude +0  at 39 degrees elevation above the south while ISS
    (25544) at 1050UT got to magnitude -1.5 in the anti-sun direction, 58
    degrees above the northwest.
    In addition, an apparent 'collision' between (19468) Feng Yun 1 Rocket and
    another object I was not able to identify, was observed earlier around
    0227UT. Obviously the two did not collide, but the effect was unusual seeing
    them ever so briefly appear to eclipse one another.
    Paul D. Maley
    Tel. 281.244.0208
    lat. 29.6049N, long 95.1069W
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