Zvezda, NOSS 2-3 seen; USA 86 not seen

From: Ed Cannon (ecannon@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 03:54:04 PDT

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    Upon shadow exit a few minutes ago, Zvezda was much brighter
    than Vega, at least -1.  Jupiter and Saturn were behind me
    for much of the pass, but I don't think it was a bright as
    Jupiter.  As it went just left of Cassiopeia, it was much 
    brighter than any of that constellation's stars, probably 
    still about +1.  The close positioning of Jupiter, Saturn, 
    Pleiades, and Aldebaran is a striking sight!
    Right after Zvezda I observed NOSS 2-3 triangle in binoculars 
    but was very distracted by nearby lights shining in my eyes.
    Observing location:  30.3086N, 97.7279W, 150m.
    Last night once again USA 86 eluded Mike McCants and me.  He
    was using his finder scope (wider field of view) this time.  
    I didn't really expect to see it low in the west in twilight 
    with my handheld binocs but looked for it anyway.
    A couple of weeks ago Rob Matson mentioned the asteroid Vesta, 
    and last night it was still easy to see in my 10x50 binocs.
    Ed Cannon - ecannon@mail.utexas.edu - Austin, Texas, USA
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