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From: Dennis Dinga (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 11:02:23 PDT

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    Jeff Hunt said:
    >Was everyone else asleep this morning (July 23) or is this just considered
    >another "I saw Mir again" report?
    Nope.  I was up watching too.  I observed the same delay for Zvezda. 
    ISS was far brighter at this location near Los Angeles.  I got ISS 
    aquisition right on time at 1120Z here.
    >I observed the ISS on time coming out of shadow near the  half moon at 08:16
    >UTC on July 23. I suspect viewing was limited to mag 3 due to the high haze
    >and moon but ISS showed up highly visible until the illumination waned.
    >I thought I had missed Z somehow (predicted 08:22 UTC approx.) until it
    >showed up out of the shadow at 08:25:50 UTC well close to 4 minutes later in
    >a higher orbit based on the July 22 epoch from Heaven-Above. Z was slightly
    >brighter than ISS (IMO) and steady.
    Zvezda faded pretty fast at my location, but was still a lot easier 
    to see than HST has ever been.  Tuesday morning should be really 
    interesting because the two satellites should be much closer 
    together.  Having made the observation this morning, I will just 
    concentrate on ISS Tuesday which is probably in free drift.  Zvezda 
    should be an easy "plus".
    Note to Cactus members:  goto  This is 
    the new site for GSOC/DLR.  Have your LAT/LON coordinates ready. 
    Also note we have a new comet called Linear.  This will be my fifth 
    one if I see it.
    73, Dennis N6DD
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