Re: Iridium 80 flare no show

From: Robert P Bourgeois (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 06:21:40 PDT

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    I was also looking for a flare a few nights ago from IR 80. I don't
    remember what night it was, but I have it written down at home.  Thought I
    might have missed it due to the clouds in the area.  It was supposed to be
    a -6  flare here in Lafayette, LA.
    Rob Bourgeois  
    At 07:32 AM 7/24/2000 -0500, you wrote:
    >There should have been a -8 magnitude flare from IR 80 (25469) on 7/23/00 at
    >0305UT here in Houston. However, under clear skies, there was no sign of any
    >flare at all. This is highly unusual and there does not seem to be any sign
    >of maneuvering for that satellite around that time. 
    >Has anyone else noticed any recent IR 80 flares? Please be on the look out
    >as there may or may not be something to this.
    >Paul D. Maley
    >Tel. 281.244.0208
    >lat. 29.6049N, lon. 95.1069W, el. 6m
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