Daytime Iridium flare, etc.

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 12:49:57 PDT

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    Hi All,
    Went camping in the local mountains this past weekend, and
    got to see my first daytime Iridium flare of this year -- a
    brief -7 glint from Iridium 53 with the sun still a couple
    degrees above the horizon.  Later the same night, saw a
    predicted -8 from Iridium 39 (though it was more like -6,
    in my estimation).
    Comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR) was an easy binocular object below
    the Big Dipper, but not much to look at.  Vesta was naked-eye
    visible -- the first asteroid I've seen naked eye!  It's
    slowly fading in brightness now, so try it if you haven't
    seen it.
    With the moon no longer an issue, I hope to time some of the
    current crop of flashers (GEO and otherwise).  --Rob
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