R: ISS and Zvezda docking live webcast !

From: Olivier Staiger (olivier.staiger@span.ch)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 22:57:07 PDT

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    even better: check the live webcast of today's docking  at  
    at 8 pm EDT tuesday 25 july (00:00 GMT wednesday 26 july)
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    >Hello group,
    >Doing my usual promo work for NASA. Received this yesterday evening:
    >NASA Science News for July 24, 2000
    >Thanks to a new NASA web site, stargazers can
    >track the progress of the growing International
    >Space Station (ISS) from their own backyards.
    >Because it reflects sunlight down to Earth, the
    >ISS often looks like a slow-moving star as it
    >crosses the sky. It can even appear as bright as
    >the star Sirius if you know when and where to
    >Full story at:
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