ISS and Zvezda pix , and solar eclipse question

From: Olivier Staiger (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 08:18:38 PDT

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    1. see  for a picture showing (among
    others) the ISS and Zvezda near the Moon this morning and the Iridium flare,
    all seen from Montreal.
    2. question: on July 31  a solar eclipse occurs. It is a partial solar
    eclipse in the high northern parts of the planet (at local july 30 sunset in
    NW USA and NW Canada). High above the planet, in close space, the eclipse
    would be total . I could imagine that certain satellites will be diving
    inside the umbral shadow. There should be cameras on weather or spy
    satellites that could take a photo of the eclipse  as seen from space.
    Can anybody on this list check if there are any sats that will dive in
    Earth's shadow ?
    also: when looking from anywhere where it is nighttime at around 02:00 UT
    july 31 , and provided you also see the high northern nightskies, then you
    might see a satellite disappear when it dives in the Moon's shadow !
    could we check if ISS, or MIR , will get inside the shadow ?
    if we can see live webcast of ISS docking with Zvezda, then we might also
    see a total solar eclipse live from ISS ?
    Oh - my God  ! Bad news...
    as I write this message I just heard on TV news an Air France  Concorde
    supersonic aircraft has crashed near Paris, France, afte take off.
    God bless them....
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