Solar eclipse question

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 10:18:00 PDT

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    Hi Olivier,
    > 2. question: on July 31  a solar eclipse occurs. It is a partial solar
    > eclipse in the high northern parts of the planet (at local july 30 sunset
    > NW USA and NW Canada). High above the planet, in close space, the eclipse
    > would be total . I could imagine that certain satellites will be diving
    > inside the umbral shadow. There should be cameras on weather or spy
    > satellites that could take a photo of the eclipse  as seen from space.
    > Can anybody on this list check if there are any sats that will dive in
    > Earth's shadow ?
    SkyMap can calculate this for you.  However, it is a fairly
    advanced feature that many may have difficulty setting up.
    I will try to put together a configuration file which when
    run shows the tracks of the largest/brightest satellites
    (assuming there are any) that dip into the umbra.
    > also: when looking from anywhere where it is nighttime at around 02:00 UT
    > july 31 , and provided you also see the high northern nightskies, then you
    > might see a satellite disappear when it dives in the Moon's shadow !
    Exactly the reason I added this feature to SkyMap in time
    for the August 11th eclipse through central Europe last
    > could we check if ISS, or MIR , will get inside the shadow ?
    Very likely not.  I doubt anything with an inclination less
    than 65 degrees has a chance.
    > Oh - my God  ! Bad news...
    > as I write this message I just heard on TV news an Air France  Concorde
    > supersonic aircraft has crashed near Paris, France, afte take off.
    My condolences to any of our French or German friends who
    might have had friends or family on that flight from Paris
    to New York.  Evidently this was a chartered flight of 100
    German tourists and 9 French crew.  At least 4 people on
    the ground (either in or near the hotel that was hit) were
    also lost.
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