From: Michael diLorenzo (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 22:15:36 PDT

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    As per the suggestion in my "welcome" e-mail, here is me:
    I live in Upstate New York, USA (approx. 43.30N and 75.25W).  I've
    always been fascinated by astronomy, and have a fair amount of "book
    knowledge," but have never spent much time actually looking up.  Two
    things have changed that:  I now live very near a place with a wonderful
    view of the sky (to a nice flat horizon in just about every direction
    except north), and I recently played a small part in building (and a
    large part in using) a new 8" Newtonian.  I've been spending a lot of
    time outside looking up, and I'm finding that watching satellites with
    binoculars is just as exciting as looking at Saturn with the scope.
    I'm very new to astronomy as a practice of science, but look forward to
    learning a lot about observing satellites through this group.  If there
    is anything I can ever do for anyone, please don't hesitate to let me
    Michael diLorenzo
    Utica, New York
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