RE: Where was ISS ?

From: Musson Bruce E (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 05:44:39 PDT

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    I was using Heavens-Above website to spot the ISS this morning.
    At 43.2025 lat and -79.9866 long , it should have passed practically
    overhead at 0.5 mag starting 4:15am EDT and ending about 4:19am EDT.
    I sat out there with the scope all set, from 4:10am until 4:35am... never
    saw a thing.
    There was minimal cloud cover... Saturn, the Moon, and Jupiter with its four
    moon looked great through the scope.
    Despite the hazy clouds, I was actually seeing better than usual.
    Was there a timing, or position change that occurred because of the
    maneuvering to connect Zvesda about 8 hours earlier.
    Was I early, late, or did the ISS test its cloaking mechanism ? :-)
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