Proton AUX MOT decayed - But when?

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 07:45:46 PDT

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    1994-021H (#23050) Proton DM stage Auxiliary Motor
    This was an nearly unpredictable decayer - based on the released ELSETs. But also
    SpaceCom has these problems They stopped their forecast with the message   
    " 6 HOURS BEFORE DECAY" - prepared July 25, 12:55 UTC - with the prediction
                    25 July, 18:47 UTC +/- 06 hours (30.1S, 108.5E)
    on a descending pass over the Indian Ocean.
    MPM delivers with the ELSET 00207.319... a decay more then 11 hours later.
    But the last released ELSET  00207.622... shows suddenly a perigee below 70 km
    and a decay before 15:00 UTC, a time around the epoch of this ELSET.
    Let us wait and see what SpaceCom will finally say! 
    Berlin, Germany
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