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From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 11:51:13 PDT

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    Musson Bruce E wrote:
    > I sat out there with the scope all set, from 4:10am until 4:35am... never
    > saw a thing.
    Hello Bruce and all,
    I put on my special lenses to beat the cloaking device  ;-) and saw the same pass
    you refered to culminating at 04:16:56 EDT from my location in Quebec.
    Maximum mag was reached before culmination at -2. It passed nearly overhead
    and took my first picture of a sat. Will have to wait for the film to be processed
    before seeing the result.
    From your location, the ISS did indeed pass overhead at 04:15:20 from
    azimuth 240 to 60. It came out of shadow at around 04:14:45 at about 53
    degrees elevation.
    Yesterday, I saw both modules beeing 1 min 44 sec apart pass under the Moon
    just like in the beautiful pictures taken by Olivier Staiger (congratulations!).
    Zarya and Unity were the brightest at mag 0 and Zvezda was mag +1.
    I saw the docking live on NASA TV with my newly installed C-band satellite
    dish. At last, I won't have to worry about net congestion and low quality images.
    We could see the manoeuvring engines fire many times to slow Zarya before
    initial contact.
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