obs 29 jul utc

From: Paul Gabriel (pgabriel@sc2000.net)
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 22:51:20 PDT

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    I got dmsp 23233 tonight, 
    I saw the same thing as last night, the sat 
    was lower in el by about the same amount.   it was obvious tonight as 
    it was predicted between (above) +6.7 star and (below) a +5.8 and it came
    in below the +6.7 and between a +7 underneath it, should
    be good points.  in J2000
    23233 94 057A   8305 G 20000729030152660 17 25 1356001+205058 56 S+060 10       
    24680 96 072A   8305 G 20000729031611160 17 25 2238676+564729 57 S+060 10       
    usa 129 did a transit, apparent 0 deg conjunction, from here on
    HP 111795 aka HD 214665 aka SAO 34651 at my ~037+26
    this transit was predicted in the trak from the elset
    looked long and hard for alexis 22638 circa 02:47 ut for 3 min before and after prediction
    but never saw it.  assume it was too faint for my location as predicted at +7.8,
    I was seeing stars fainter than that but mike tells me you might not see
    a sat at similar faint mag.  sky had hazy glow quality, more in W than in the NE.
    Paul Gabriel
    26.24310N 098.21635W 33m (the stars at night are big & bright......)
    titan / win95C / Calypso
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