ISS, IR-35, IR-47 1.VIII.2000 Berlin City

Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 05:59:26 PDT

Berlin abt. 52.56N 13.38E   01.VIII.2000

We observed the following satellites:

IRIDIUM 47  - 22.32: ?Z flared in time, predicted -5mag
IRIDIUM 35  - 02.19:09Z flared in time, predicted -6mag

ISS 01.50: ?Z max. El. 68deg  -2mag then (like Jupiter)
predicted 0.2mag by

The campfire in the park was excellent, 
the police disturbed only for a short time 
(campfires are illegal in Berlin City).
About 15 young people saw satellites first time in their life
and the last ones (4.19h LT) were astonished by IR-35.

How to decode these often seen professional observation
reports (a lot of numbers) ?
How to estimate IRIDIUM brightnesses without anything
for comparisation?

Dennis from Berlin

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