fast moving tumbler

Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 13:00:41 EDT

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    Hi list,
    	Sorry for the "I saw something..." but my satellite prediction
    software has fallen horribly behind lately and Heavens-Above didn't
    seem to have this one:
    Last night (6 July 03 22:20 ADT =3D 7 July 03 01:20 GMT) I saw a very
    bright fast moving tumbler about 45deg up in the SE heading SE
    (departing Lyra/Hercules area), would have likely been at culmination
    in NE at 70-80 deg 15 seconds earlier.  It flared/tumbled to -0.5 mag
    then to >+2.5 and back to about 0 with a 5-8 second period I think.  I couldn't 
    get my stopwatch going on it because I didn't see the next period.  I was 
    taking a late supper break from the lab and
    was in the middle of the university campus in this largely rural area
    - limiting magnitude about +2.5 at time of sighting.  Site was
    Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada +45.883 -64.350 +25m.
    Whatever it was, it was fast!  Thanks for any help identifying this
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