Re: ISS Magnitude, Atlas 5 Fairing

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 18:13:29 EDT

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    Thanks for the write up Art!  I am very grateful for such information.
    In regard to H-A, if you go to "select a satellite from the database" you
    can get passes for objects that have a magnitude that is far less than +5.
    E.g. Vanguard 1 is listed as having an intrinsic brightness of mag. 10.3 (at
    1000 km distance, 50% illuminated) and a maximum brightness of mag  8.4.
    Clear skies,
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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    > I try, I can't "fool" H-A to display past Mag 5.  You can change the last
    > part of the URL all you want, but typing anything in over Mag 5 still
    > results in no more than that.
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