Re: Nice Double Flasher!

From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 22:07:46 EDT

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    Tom Wagner <> writes:
    > I just I spotted a wild satellite traveling N at the rate that I see
    > most LEO satellites at that altitude moving.  It was passing through
    > Cassiopeia at 10:35:46 PM local time (3:35:46 UT).  It was repeatedly
    > flaring to a -1 or so about every 10 seconds.
    This is indeed a spectacular object.  Thanks for pointing it out.
    Thanks, too, to Leo Barhorst for the identity.
    2003-07-17 02:57 UT, I obtained successive intervals of 12.75, 12.87,
    9.63, 9.50, 11.80, 12.05, 12.85, and 12.63s, as bright as about -1??.
    Somewhat reminiscent of "synodic anomaly", discussed here in SeeSat-L
    quite a few years ago.
    Thanks to OIG:
    H-2A DEB
    1 27702U 03009E   03201.10391756  .00076102  00000-0  18560-2 0  1842
    2 27702  97.3027 272.2872 0003735 313.7026  46.4438 15.40598287 17475
    Walter Nissen         
    -81.8637, 41.3735, 256m elevation
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