From: Steve Newcomb (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 23:58:02 EDT

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    The pass of #23937 tonight was different from any of my prior sightings. I
    began observation at 02.55.42 UT July 26 1/2 degree west of Thuban, alpha
    draco, with 8" dobs telescope, 40mm eyepiece, 30X. It had a straight up
    trajectory with one sat following directly behind with a teher separation of
    1/10 ? degree. It gave me the impression of an arrow shooting thru the air.
    As it approached near zenith the tether separation of satelites became close
    to or at nonexistent. There were also some nice flashes. All other
    observations have been much lower in elevation with sat separation by tether
    near constant. I was not able to follow thru zenith  and see the tether grow
    again :(
    I had previously observed Noss triplets on long passes with visual spatial
    orientaion changes, but had not anticipated tonight's show.
    Last night watched TiPS and all points taken were poor. Tonight  I almost
    missed looking  in the eyepiece on time and the stopwatch was on the table.
    Lat 39.4707 Lon -79.3388  Alt 2573 ft  -4 UTC
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