Unknown observed on July 22

From: Daniel Deak (dan.deak@sympatico.ca)
Date: Mon Jul 23 2007 - 12:12:55 EDT

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    It was not during a sat observation session but my son and I saw an unid in
    a parallel track to the NOSS 3-4 duo at 05:59:05 UTC on July 22. Given the
    difficulty to find the Centaur rocket stage I thought this could be of
    interest. Here is the IOD report :
    70000 07 027B   1747 E 20070722055905000 38 25 0013240+151101 19  +040 07
    As I tried to match its position to that of the Centaur, I decided to use
    its cat number and international ID in the report but these are surely not
    true. Anyway, I've not been able to find a match among the nearly 11 000
    satellites listed by Space-Track and the classfd.tle file.
    It was observed at 1x while we were sitting around a campfire at home. It
    was faint (around mag 4) but suddenly flared rapidly to mag -1 with a
    distinctive yellow color. The flare lasted about 1,5 second in all. We
    followed the sat going from right to left roughly parallel to the horizon
    but descending slightly. It passed nearly over Algenib in Pegasus, the
    reference star for the OID report. It got fainter after that to mag 5 as we
    followed it for about another minute.
    I've been trying since to identify it but has been unable. 
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