Re: Brazilsat B3 and the unid next to it

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Sat Jul 05 2008 - 15:17:04 UTC

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    Kevin Fetter posted:
    >While getting ready to get flared by Brazilsat B3 ( 25152 ) I noticed a
    >faint geo sat very close and below it.
    >The unid geo sat parked near Brazilsat B3 ( 25152 ) has gotten brighter.
    These objects were first seen through my 8 inch telescope about 05:30 UT
    July 5 from BCRC (30.3N  97.9W).  I estimated magnitude 13 (leader) and
    12 (trailer).  I estimated that they were about 0.04 degrees apart.  The
    "leader" was about 0.02 degrees east and about 0.03 degrees north of the
    The "leader" increased in brightness fairly rapidly and about 05:45 UT,
    I estimated it was magnitude 8.  The "trailer" increased to about
    magnitude 11.  By 06:05 UT, the "leader" had faded to magnitude 10, but
    the trailer was still about magnitude 11.
    In other news, Ed recently noticed that the very old Aureole 2 rocket
    (#7004, 1973 107B) was tumbling.  I measured its tumble period at 6.6 seconds.
    The last PPAS reports from 1999 and 2000 were "steady".
    Designtn   Date    Time     Obsr Durtn Acc Num  Per   Remarks
    73-107 B 08-07-05 02:41      MM   91.6 0.3  14  6.6   6.0->inv
    Mike McCants
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