Re: What satellites would these have been?

From: Michael Boschat (
Date: Wed Jul 09 2008 - 17:49:21 UTC

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    George Roberts wrote:
     > Note that there are tons of satellites flying by there even in a 5 
    minute window. 
    Yes there are.
     >You should apologize to Tony and if the window is wider than 5 minutes 
    you should let him know that also. 
     I do send my apology to Tony also for the error. I remember looking at 
    the clock before I
    went out and it said 9:30pm ADT.
     > You could check where they all were at that time using heavens-above.
    Just did, could not find any faint 2 satellites that in that area together
    at the same time going from NNW to SSW. The satellites were close and
    using ECU measuring Alpha/Beta Sagitta distance apart as 0.23' the 2 
    were pretty close to  that or just a tad wider.
     If the weather was good on 7/8 I would have looked at that area again. 
    But fog and
    clouds keep coming in now and I'll just watch that area on any clear 
    nights we get.
    As said probally NOSS types.
    Appreciate the help though....
    Clear skies
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