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Date: Wed Jul 09 2008 - 22:40:57 UTC

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    Hi All,
    My name is Chris Scibelli. I'm from Longmeadow  (Western MA) and Dennis MA 
    (Cape Cod). I just became interested in the hobby a  few weeks ago but have had 
    a 6 inch Newtonian since college days 30 years ago  and I have recently 
    started bringing it out again after doing some  observing.  I have also been a 
    amateur radio op. for 20 plus years and am  NU1O.  I've seen some of the common and 
    bright sats like the shuttle,  ISS, and dockings in the past. I have also 
    used the RS sats  for radio communication.
    >Last night I saw 2 satellites close together  in 7x50 binoculars passing by 
    >Bootis. Just wondering if anyone  knows what they were? 
    >Date: July 7/8, 2008 
    >UT: approx:  0038-0040 
    >Place: Halifax, Nova Scotia,Canada 
    >Lat: N44d 39'  
    >Long: W63d 36' 
    Mike et al:
    On June 6th while at my house in Dennis MA I saw  two objects that match your 
    description.  The time was 11:15 PM and they  were visible in a chance 
    sighting using 12 by 50 binoculars.   I first  spotted them north of Cygnus and lost 
    them below Altair.  My coordinates at  the Cape are N 70d 11m W 41d 44m.  
    That observation is what lead me to this  site and this fascinating hobby.  After 
    reading just part 1 of the FAQ I  concluded the magnitude, which I'd guess to 
    be 8, was due to the late  hour.  It was almost 3 hours after sunset.  This 
    is my first  post.  If I have broke protocol an email would be appreciated.   
    What got my attention was their proximity.  It looked like  one was chasing 
    the other, same path, same magnitude.  I asked on Yahoo  Answer's and was told 
    I most likely saw space junk.
    Chris  Scibelli
    Longmeadow, MA
    N  42D 03M
    W 72D  33M
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